Monday, February 19, 2007

Everyone's Talking About White Castle

The White Castle Valentine story continues to turn the odometer, as TAN gets shouted out in the City section of Sunday's NY Times. I just love that I'm a good trend indicator for White Castle:
It was the second year that she and her team at “Castle No. 2,” as the place is officially known, had participated in the company’s nationwide Valentine’s Day promotion, and the year before had been a success.

For this year, a mix of fawning and snarky local news media coverage — including a win-a-date contest with the blogger The Assimilated Negro — seemed to augur well.
Holla. I guess when the contest was announced, there was a boardroom full of execs somewhere:

Gentlemen I've just gotten very good news, ... TAN's in this year! This is going to be a live story for Gawker. Can you feel the snarky media coverage? *hi fives* This augurs well people. This augurs well.

So, that's cool ... waddup J. David Goodman. Also please note the pictures and how they correspond to my Ghetto Pass descriptions. Flourescents - CHECK, shiny red table cloths - CHECK, "reserved" signs courtesy of Commodore 64 - CHECK. We didn't have balloons at ours.

I hope I start collecting royalties off the slyder sales.

Slyders By Candlelight [NYTimes]
TAN's White Castle Valentine [Gawker]

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