Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ghetto Pass: White Castle Valentine

Ghetto Pass returns to document TAN's White Castle Valentine:
First off, can I just say, FUCK GAWKER. These motherfuckers pimp a negro with a win-a-date contest, then get all George Bush-during-Katrina and totally neglect my ass. Can you believe they WOULDN'T SEND A PHOTOGRAPHER? Plus, let's be racist honest here, all that really mattered was getting visual proof of my date's "DAMN! You got a BLACK ass!" claim. [Ed. Note: In the next 24 hours, there'll be video. Hold yer horses!] Despite Mama Gawker leaving her negro child out in the cold, as it turns out, a little privacy may have been for the best. No photographer meant this would be more like a real date. And who can act photo-pretentious when they're sucking down slyders at White Castle? So this week's Ghetto Pass profiles a real uptown story of possible love (?) and definite slyders at White Castle. Let's dig in...
Ghetto Pass: Valentine's Day at White Castle [Gawker]
White Castle Valentine Contest [Gawker]


  1. Ass? Yay or Nay.

    She got that Pretty in Pink-ish vacancy that suggests she may be a monster in the sack but short on Kafka conversation.

  2. Harris2/16/2007

    I'm not here to see you find love, dammit. I'm here to see pictures of white women with big, round asses. Now I have to go trolling the intraweb for pictures of Jenna Van Oy.

  3. she looks as though she'd have a very soft mouth.


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