Sunday, February 18, 2007

White Castle Valentine: He Said She Said

Forgot to post this over here. We wanted to do some sort of video wrap-up of the White Castle Valentine, and Richard came up with the idea of doing it Love Connection style. So we did individual interviews and he cut them together. Results below:

Valentine's Video Wrap-up [Gawker]
White Castle Valentine [Gawker]


  1. Yeah...that's not the part we wanted to hear about...

    What happened AT the wine bar? And after...

  2. Anonymous2/18/2007

    TAN is in the Times!

  3. very nice, TAN. But one question - are you really anti-carbonation?

  4. "Clean"? This is performance art, right? Because no way could she have said that seriously. And her uptalking? Was annoying?

  5. T.A.N and fellow TANanites,

    I am with Star on this one. Clean? Did she really say that? Doth mine ears deceive me? Wow, there are no words. Sounds all and all like a boring date. I mean she didn't even go girls gone wild and jump up on the table and show her boobs. Sorry, she just looks the type to me. LOL.

    Oh and yeah, like rover said, "What happened at the wine bar and after?" Inquiring bloggers deserve to know.

    The nosiest,

    Ms. Denva

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. re: "clean", I don't live in her head but I'm most certain she's being topical + ironic. i also noticed her uptalking but chalked it up to her awkwardness at having to talk about a v-day date on camera. i'd be uptalking too (and hating myself for it the next day).

    TAN: she seems really lovely in spite of her cardigan...was she wearing flats?

  8. the rover - you know a TAN gentleman doesn't white castle and tell ...

    emily - anti-carbonation is strong. i do the carbo now and then, but not much into soda.

    star, denva etc - in her defense, I think that was intended as a joke, i think she actually said "clean and articulate" but articulate got edited out. Plus, I'm actually quite dirty and grunt a lot.

  9. it's not a given that a guy will show up on the first date having actually taken a good shower. i don't think this was a weird thing for her to say. if someone's hands and nails are clean, it's really a relief, uh, sexy even.

  10. Ah,

    So she was going for the compliment like Barack. Booo! I am just hating because I couldn't go on the date. LOL

    5280 Princess

    by the way a bath once in awhile, never hurt anyone. I am just saying. It keeps the plague away.


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