Sunday, February 04, 2007

Prince Tells Bears And Colts They Can Stay In The Locker, He's Got This

Seriously. Prince just destroyed the Super Bowl. He should go to Disney World and retire.

Too bad for the Foo Fighters they can never perform "Best of You" again. Prince decided to take it to the next level on some assimilated negro ish, killin' em at their own game, and that song now belongs to him. Happy Black History Month bitches. Holla.

No need for the teams to come back out. The game is over. It was a very entertaining first half, but Prince is just gonna hold it down for the next couple hours. It's all good.

Let's Go Crazy People!



  1. Best. Superbowl, Halftime. Show. EVER! Better thant he rolling stones better than Tina better than US better than nipplegate.

    ONe man, his band and two backup dancers and a doo rag.

    I'm not even a Prince fan, but the range , the range. i would pay to see him live.

  2. At first I thought he screwed up with the schmatta on his head, but then my roommate said he wears those things all the time.

    I was in love with him 21 years ago when Purple Rain came out. Damn: he still looks FABULOUS!!!

  3. Prince owns it now. Amazing set.

  4. that was really an incredible performance. put up the youtube when they come out.

  5. Anonymous2/04/2007

    I didn't know what the song was when he started playing it. THen hearing the chorus I thought, "I hate this song." But he totally won me over.


  6. Thanks for telling me what that song was, TAN. Never heard of it. And yeah, Prince killed it.

    Now, dude, you have to do your hajj to Las Vegas to see Prince throw down at his own nightclub. And if you're sweatin' the $125 "standing room" ticket price, hey, pawn some shit.

  7. Okay, so this is the first Super Bowl I've watched in 15 years (yah, been out of the country, sorry), and I must say that Prince rocks even more now than he used to.

    What a great halftime show! (But again, I haven't seen any others in recent years, except the Janet Jackson debacle, which even made the news in nipple-blasé France).

    But yeah, Prince. Wow.

  8. I want to retire in Disney World too. Sadly, I've only saved enough to retire in Six Flags.

  9. Although...I guess it's okay. I won't risk Tigger punching me in my old age.

  10. Anonymous2/04/2007

    amen to that!

  11. Yeah, that was something. When the marching bands came out, I totally flipped my shit. Absolutely fantastic.

  12. T.A.N.,

    Since it seems that you are a confirmed bachelor, I am going to have to go on ahead and marry Prince. I mean we have been technically engaged since I was seven. (technically meaning in my dreams) And we are going to collab on some stuff I have been working on for him. (collab meaning I wish he would look at my treatment.) I am so sorry it has to be this way T.A.N. I truly hope you understand and know that you are more than welcome at 3121 and the drink is on me. LOL.
    Prince did hold it down though. He is a musical genius.

    Ms. Denva

  13. Right????
    Only thing that could ever make me like the Superbowl EVER.

  14. Right????
    Only thing that could ever make me like the Superbowl EVER.

  15. Anonymous2/05/2007

    remember the Prince vs. Michael Jackson days? those were good times.

  16. i feel for all the grammy performers next week

    how could any of them possibly top prince last night?

  17. Okay, were you all on crack? I mean for real? That was the WORST half-time show I've ever seen. BORING. STUPID. And Prince? Really? Yeah, hopefully next year they'll get Cyndi Lauper since we're going with relevant artists apparently. Dude's a joke and a has-been. And a little 5'2" purple troll running around with 2 midget dancers in pirate boots (whom I was really hoping would wipe out in their stilleto heels in the rain), some chick in white (whuh?), and a marching "band" (um, how 'bout you guys at least TRY to look like you're playing) having what seem to be a group seizure does not a half-time show make.

    And that is all. No wait, one more thing...


    There. Back to drinking...

  18. Maulleigh, he wears that "schmatta" on his head to protect his perm. That he was wearing it in the rain yesterday... that's how we all knew he was going to kill it. Everyone at the party knew the significance...

  19. Basically MOTHER F'ING AMAZING. I love this man and his schmatta. And I thought the marching band accompaniment was sharp. Well, that's because he's a GODDAMN GENIUS.


  20. if anyone doubted it, Prince is one of our great performers. Always rises to the moment.

  21. Anonymous2/05/2007

    if you guys thought the halftime show, google the press conference from earlier in the week.

    Conference Room C gets some face melting guitar riffs.

  22. Anonymous2/05/2007

    That was as bad as Elton John performing as the unannounced "surprise" performer at the Harley Davidson 100th anniversary. Elton John and bikers. Prince and a national audience. Neither one makes sense.

  23. theobviouschild2/05/2007

    Not only is Prince a musical prodigy with very few peers of any generation, he also hasn't aged a day in the last 20 years. Whatever he's doing, he is surely doing it right.

    Paying $125 to see him is well worth it -- I paid $175 over 15 years ago, and I was high for DAYS after the show.

    Thanks for the video!

  24. Am I the only one who thinks Prince is just "okay"? * quickly leaves comments area*

  25. The man is still fine, still better than anyone else from that time - now that JB is dead, Prince is the only one who can do the splits - AND get up. I'd go for a ride in his NOT little red Corvette anytime.

    who cares about the football....

  26. Anonymous2/05/2007

    Prince is in better shape than most guys my age(I am 35)and amazingly talented. I know he wears make-up but his skin looks incredible. He leads a very healthy lifestyle these days and it shows. I went to his last tour and he danced, jumped, rolled around and played guitar for a few hours. A musical genius who isn't showing his age and his music still moves most people. Unreal

  27. I told my girlfriend I wished I was a tenth as sexy as Prince. She said not to worry, I am a tenth as sexy. Thanks, baby!

  28. Anonymous2/06/2007

    The Prince vs. Michael Jackson think we know who won THAT argument!

  29. annie b2/06/2007

    i have been a fan for over 30 years and he blows me away every time i see him....a lot of hardcore fans seem to think prince is "selling out" by doing these essentially commercial gigs....i prefer to think that he is trying to build a new audience, and by playing his classics, he feels it may inspire a new generation to seek him out and find the new and great work he is doing now.....until the end of time, i'll be there for him/he owns my heart and mind/i truly adore him!!!

  30. Anonymous2/06/2007

    Too bad. The clips are off YouTube due to those nasty lawyers @ Universal Music.
    Got to and use the key word Prince ... and click on "latest"
    the best sound comes from the ones snagged off French tv.
    Now two of my best Super Bowls have been graced by the Florida A&M University Marching 100 ... Super Bowl III was the other.

  31. Try this one:

  32. Anonymous12/10/2008



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