Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ghetto Pass: In Review

So this past week we put "The Logo" to rest. I don't think Ghetto Pass is completely R.I.P — we might break it out for special occasions — but as a weekly written feature it's done.

I've been feeling the video moves of late, and I'm looking forward to making more sweet love with Gawk videographer Richard Blakeley; so that'll be the regular TAN contribution to the Gawk empire while I figure out a feature that works for the new era.

Ghetto Pass was a huge success in the first half of its run. And then I got a little bored with the premise and started experimenting. Nothing really clicked in the experimental phase, though I still stand by the hip hop oriented subjects; I think those just played for the wrong crowd. Anygawk, the arc of the series makes me regret the blog tradition of newer always being on top, since the best clips are now at the bottom if you use the GP label. But White Castle was a nice way to close it out, and alls well that ends well.

Here were my favorites, and none-too-coincidentally, the first six in the series:

The Ghetto Chinese Spot

Corner Bodegas
Livery "Gypsy" Cabs
Ghetto Pickup Artists
The Long Booty (Street Entrepreneurs)
Person of the Year: You, Caucasians

Good times, good times.

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