Thursday, December 08, 2005

A College Without Melanin Is No College At All

This was the subject header used when I e-mailed about writing. I was astonished to discover they had not one negro representative on the roster.

Now, if you check their roster of writers, they no longer have that problem. First Name - Assimilated. Last Name - Negro. Unfortunately my primary bio narrator couldn't make the appearance. My first update over there should be live in a couple days.

In somewhat related news, these boys like The Century Club so much, they started their own site and made software to keep track of the drinking process. And they requested my bit to complement their "Tips & Tricks" section. Anything I can do to help crazy drinkers kill themselves ...

1 comment:

  1. What I love is the fact that I am 1/8th black. Being Mr. Blue Eyed Satan, no-one suspects my subversive anti-whitebread-oldboys club side given my demeanor. Then when someone says something like "I like to shop at Home Depot" I say "ever notice everyone is white there yet we have a large non-white poppulation.. when they arugue back with what they think is humour, I say "thats not funny, I'm black". then they have nothing to counter with and leave confused and probably slit their wrists in confusion.


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