Monday, December 05, 2005

Pimping Is Actually Fairly Easy When Done On A Blog

Waddup party people. It's time for TAN to do a little referring...

First off. Some old producer friends of mine did the song "I know you don't love me" for Tony Yayo, 50Cent etc.

And by old friends, of course I mean before they were producing for Fifty and Tony et. al.

Either way the video is on BET's 106th and Park countdown. So if you could go there and vote for it, and tell 'em TAN sent you, maybe they'll forget how I used to front on their beats in the past and say "whatever," and then perhaps they'll send over some tracks I can use for my own 106th & Park video.

Go to BET and vote for "I know you don't love me."

Next up....

Back in late September I pimped NYC Magic Garden, the monthly party for Native NYers.

So tonight is the latest edition.

Being held at White Rabbit. 7pm onwards.

My girl Zoe, who has thrown this party just about every month for four+ years, was recently interviewed on Gothamist.

To go to the party though, you need the password. It's on some Eyes Wide Shut ish. But the password is not "fidelio." So go the Magic Garden site, and e-mail Zoe to get the password. If you can prove your Native NYness, I guess you could e me also.



  1. I hope you had a stinkingly gigantic martini for me while I slaved away over my computer
    (actually I waxed my eyebrows and watched Kitchen Confidential, but still. At home and not partying is the point I'm trying to get across...)

  2. hi claire ...not a martini fan. but I did pour al ittle of my 400oz on the ground in honor of you and your dead peeps in NZ.


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