Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hip Hop The Vote

There's been a ton of asking for votes recently. So we might as well keep the campaign running.

I asked for nominations.

Then I asked you to get a friend's video/track on the BET countdown.

Now apparently the final voting is going down at Gridskipper.com, and your favorite assimilated negro has made the cut in a couple categories.

World's Best Urban Music Blog

World's Best Urban Arts Blog

I think my best bet is the Urban Arts, since in addition to the blog tunes, even when I poop it's fairly artistic...

So thanks guys and gals for making me a finalist. Now hopefully you can help me bring home the hardware.

Vote Or Die - Take 4


  1. Anonymous12/06/2005

    you deserve to win urban arts. your writing is very artistic. and your songs are genius. maybe you shold do a little visual art pencil sketch to make it a no-brainer.

  2. Urban arts? I feel there should be more graffiti here.

  3. That would look great on a bumper sticker: "TAG - He Shits Art."

  4. Hey Assimilated! I don't think we have to worry about straightening out our blogs and such. Obviously people actually read yours. Congrats on the nominations. Hope ya win dat shizznit

  5. YO! I met you at RKB's party...best urban blog is Jon Caramanica. DUUUUUH.

  6. Psssssssssssssssssst..


    Just tagged you! :)

    HEY, man, when can I buy your cd.. Damn you are slow. :)

  7. anon - thanks

    orange - it's hitting snow time here. maybe I can just piss my name into the snow?

    bi - TAG is a typo right? i actually made a similar typo just recently. right orange?

    baron - waddup homey. thanks. see you on the streets

    alexist - word to hizzy

    gorth - coming soon. I swear!!


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