Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Century Club Redux

The Century Club (now with pics!) is up over at College Humor.

click here if you'd like to read it

I'm amused that my picture is at the top, but then a caucasian is the model to help demonstrate the stages.

I see two spins for that along racial lines.

Pro Black - I wrote the piece, and would not lower myself to "clown it up" for the accompanying photos. It's about time a negro gets to relax while caucasians dance and contort their faces for someone else's benefit.

Pro White - No negro. We can't have you taking the pictures because it kills the believability. We're a popular site here, and we want someone the masses can relate to, you know? No offense.

a college with no melanin is no college at all

by the way. have you met my bodyguard?


  1. Or it could be that the photo has more to do with the fact that the century club game is mostly played by fraternity white boys who have nothing better to do... If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I've never seen a single one of my black friends play...

    Besides, since you're not the one doing the lame reenactment, it lets you gain a bit of credibility and professionalism, right?!

  2. The title of your blog caught my attention. You are funny! I'll have to keep tabs on your blog.

  3. Hey, I am a girl and have done a power hour or 2 (60 shots of beer in 60 mins) and at 60 minutes no one is puking unless they're a huge pussy... and by that I mean I have never puked during a power hour so no guy should puke in the first 60 mins of a century club! Maybe the only people you know who have done century club don't know how to really drink!

  4. Dear Assimilated Negro Man,

    I really enjoyed reading your witty, rhyming blog. I found it witty, rhyming, hip, lugubrious, bergere- which is French and should have an apostrophe above the second E-, and rhyming. While I am not a black man, per se, I do feel connected to your plight. Occasionally people refer to me as, assimilated white trash or non-assimilated college educated Jew from Riverdale or guy or chicken face, by this one ex-girlfriend or, of course, fucking awesome. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck on your good will tour of L.A. Perhaps, when you return, we can set up a web based dialogue, which I guess would be called a blialogue, on the current issues that face today’s burning youth, like water, rolling around on the grass and marshmallows. Cheers, as they say in British.

    Best Wishes, Regards, Fancy and Sincerely,

  5. Anonymous12/11/2005

    Hey, a more detailed guide on the rules of the Power Hour/Century Club and a strategy guide to completing them can be found at . There is also a pretty solid BAC analysis. Happy drinking!

  6. Anonymous12/11/2005

    yeah if you boot at an hour your a huge pussy and suck a drinking

  7. I have heard of this game but haven't played. I prefer ones with more skill such as tippy cup, three man, or beer pong.

    This little white girl is dumbfounded with the racial overtones. I love that you celebrate your ethnicity. Do you know what part of Africa you are from???

  8. Anonymous12/11/2005

    TAN - Funny stuff. Try a century club/power hour with music sometime, one minute per song. Everyone is singing by # 45.

    Latest mix :)

    01 - bare naked ladies - alcohol.mp3
    02 - alien ant farm - smooth criminal.mp3
    03 - dashboard confessional - hands down.mp3
    04 - weezer - buddy holly.mp3
    05 - vanilla ice - ice ice baby.mp3
    06 - harvey danger - flagpole sitta.mp3
    07 - simple plan - addicted.mp3
    08 - the used - blue and yellow.mp3
    09 - sir mix-a-lot - baby got back.mp3
    10 - save ferris - come on eileen.mp3
    11 - sugar - we're going down.mp3
    12 - bloodhound gang - fire water burn.mp3
    13 - reel big fish - sell out.mp3
    14 - crash test dummies - mmm mmm mmm.mp3
    15 - weezer - keep fishing.mp3
    16 - sublime - wrong way.mp3
    17 - eve 6 - promise.mp3
    18 - goldfinger - here in your bedroom.mp3
    19 - all american rejects - swing swing.mp3
    20 - superfast - boys in the hood.mp3
    21 - nada surf - popular.mp3
    22 - stroke 9 - little black back pack.mp3
    23 - a new found glory - hit or miss.mp3
    24 - karate kid - you're the best around.mp3
    25 - american hi-fi - flavor of the weak.mp3
    27 - bowling for soup - the girl all the bad guys want.mp3
    27 - weezer - undone.mp3
    28 - stroke 9 - kick some ass.mp3
    29 - scatman - scatman.mp3
    30 - bon jovi - livin' on a prayer.mp3
    31 - outkast - roses.mp3
    32 - the killers - mr brightside.mp3
    33 - lit - my own worst enemy.mp3
    34 - styx - mr roboto.mp3
    35 - weezer - say it aint so.mp3
    36 - sublime - santeria.mp3
    37 - blink 182 - whats my age again.mp3
    38 - fountains of wayne - stacy's mom.mp3
    39 - jimmy eat world - sweetness.mp3
    40 - sum 41 - fat lip.mp3
    41 - good charlotte - rich and famous.mp3
    42 - bosstones - knock on wood.mp3
    43 - reel big fish - take on me.mp3
    44 - alien ant farm - the movies.mp3
    45 - bosstones - where did you go.mp3
    46 - 3 doors down - kryptonite.mp3
    47 - third eye blind - semi-charmed life.mp3
    48 - neil diamond - sweet caroline.mp3
    49 - barenaked ladies - one week.mp3
    50 - the foundations - build me up buttercup.mp3
    51 - toadies - possium kingdom.mp3
    52 - blink 182 - damnit.mp3
    53 - bowling for soup - 1985.mp3
    54 - guns and roses - paradise city.mp3
    55 - jimmy eat world - the middle.mp3
    56 - presidents of the USA - lump.mp3
    57 - jimmie's chicken shack - do right.mp3
    58 - queen - bohemien rhapsody.mp3
    59 - semisonic - closing time.mp3
    60 - rob bass - it takes two.mp3

  9. I didn't even know about drinking games until I got to USC and all the white kids were doing it. I remember soph. year some kids doing the Century Club thing, but with shots of Keystone or some other weak shit. I told them that they should go get some St. Ides or some OE and really do it big. They looked at like I was crazy negro and went on about their business. Next thing you know I'm hearing stories about how one of my female roomates ended up taking a naked picture that ended up in a photo album of a football player, displayed on his coffee table for everyone and they Momma to see.

    Moral of the story: drink malt liquor instead of regular beer and quit being soft.

  10. My friendsd and I always make it through century club without throwing up. And we're if any pussy dudes cant make it through an hour theres something wrong

  11. HavocIRL12/12/2005

    In Ireland we play a different version of the century game, its like the power hour except everyone tries to pukes in the same bucket and your not allowed to go to the bathroom until the end. That doesn't mean that you can't piss yourself but if you do go to the bathroom or you pass out, the bucket of puke is poured over you.

    This seperates the men from the boys.

  12. Anonymous12/12/2005

    You have it all wrong there is nothing to taking 100 shots in 100 minutes unless you are a complete pussy. The real way to join the ranks of the century club is to drink 100 beers or take 100 bong hits in one weekend starting friday night and ending at midnight on sunday, i encourage everybody to give it a try sometime.

  13. I am sure your liver thanks you

  14. Celia Dávila3/23/2007

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  15. Anonymous10/27/2007

    the power hour with music is a good idea but instead of creating your own mix it's easier to download one off limewire or other p2p sharing software. i'm working on a dvd power hour with different 1 minute clips from music videos off youtube. if i ever figure out how to post it online i'll leave the link here.


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