Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's A Thin Line ...

Deadspin has posted/reported James Dungy's MySpace profile.

This is interesting for two reasons.
1.) The profile itself.
2.) The "journalist ethics" dilemma of whether it should be posted/reported at all.

James Dungy's MySpace profile
[Fry Cook On Venus]
Deadspin coverage


  1. Well, the internet is a largely unregulated forum, so I don't think anyone is remiss in looking at it's contents.

    As for all of the tools posting on the Deadspin comment section? None of them knew the poor boy, lets not judge his life, from a webpage OR his (late) actions.
    When will people see the internet for what it is?? Mindless escapism, people...MINDLES ESCAPEISM.

  2. and I should care about this why?

  3. The page is Gone. :( What did he have up there?

  4. The profile is interesting why? Cause from what I saw of it, it just makes him look uneducated and I know he's from my school system and all but even my worst students write better than that...

    But I agree about the ethics question. Myspace has had isues with this before (the girl and her boyfriend who were good Christians who killed her parents and then took off...tons of people made crazy comments and the police used their profiles and the comments they made to help track them down.) I think they just feel the need to pull stuff that my at all seem controvertial, based on the previous track record.

    Living in Tampa, I probably see more about this than most of you. Dungy is still a big part of Tampa (I have met him twice at art award luncheons) and the death of his son - still living in Tampa - was hard news to hear. So sad.


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