Monday, December 12, 2005

TAN Interviews Richard Pryor (RIP)

Today's update can be read over at [decentcontent]. It's an interview between myself and the late Richard Pryor.

The Assimilated Negro: so thank you for doing this interview with me today. It’s nice to have this sort of exclusive. And I know it’s a tough time right now.

Richard Pryor: It’s not that tough. I’d recommend more interviews getting done after motherfuckers die. There ain’t shit to do now, except think about shit, so it’s a great time for an interview.

TAN: so any immediate regrets ?

RP: yeah. Well I regret doing all those motherfucking drugs that probably cut my life short at least ten years. That MS shit ain’t cool. You kids probably think a motherfucker’s cool ridin’ in the wheelchair. Racing and poppin’ wheelies and shit. The shit ain’t cool.

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  1. ROTFLMAO-I think that you are right on the mark on this one. He was nuts, and I agree about the life not beginning until he hit 30.Isn't that how it works anyway? Great post.

  2. Anonymous12/12/2005

    Well played Nigga, well played...


  3. Anonymous12/12/2005

    awesome interview. fitting tribute.

  4. Thanks to your piece, we've used up our annual quota for the use of the N-word at [dc]. It's a good thing we launched with just 2 months left in the year.

    But it was for a good cause.

  5. Yup. Excellent piece buddy. Way to remember my favorite standup man.

  6. wordemup! frickin' awesome!


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