Monday, December 19, 2005

Watch Some Videos ...

A couple amusing videos here:

There are plenty of videos for caucasians trying to dance like negroes. But you don't see much for negroes trying to get their cracker on. Well fret no more friends. This video is for everyone.

Let me know which dance you like the best, I'm particularly partial to the "Fat Rebel" and "The Honkey Hump" ...

How to dance like a white guy

(link found via Taj)

This next one here is dedicated to my man Copyranter. It's a big ad. I need some ish like this for TAN.

It's A Big Ad ...


  1. aussies know how to make beer, yo. and ads.

    big ones.

  2. Anonymous12/19/2005

    OMG!! ... that how to dance like white people is hilarious. I have many tears streaming.

  3. I like the "hip breaker" myself. and the guy at the end is awesome

  4. puts American beer ads to absolute fucking shame, even those milquetoastie "witty" Heineken spots.

  5. I'm all for dissin' the dance moves of my people, but good god, those weren't just white folk - those were Appalachians.

  6. I was just sitting around trying to figure out if I wanted to go to bed now.
    And I decided that I didn't.
    I want to leave comments on blogs.

  7. I hate to shit on sunshine, but the big ad, although simply amazing, is a bit of old news
    Choreography at it's finest
    even if it was forwarded to me by a ditzy blonde

    And you were also a bit late with the "how to dance like a white guy". Seems another assimilated negro in Charlotte, NC (buddy of mine from college) sent me that email about 2 or 3 months ago. Maybe it just hadn't made it's way up north yet.

    Damn TAN, you're supposed to be on the cutting edge!

  8. The Cracker Squirm - That's one of my specialties. Too bad you didn't get me in the video. I'd show you my Betty Crocker Bounce.

  9. I loved the cracker jack videos 'cause yeah, most of us can't dance fer shit.

    I, however, am the exception. At least I used to be when I had a life.

  10. mellanman - I think I'm more inclined to promise good, than timely good.

    everyone else - waddup. true.


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