Wednesday, December 28, 2005

If I Tell You, I'm Supposed To Kill You, But I Probably Won't

"With just a few days left in the year, the city's murder rate is on pace to be the lowest since the early 1960s when the NYPD first began reliably recording homicide data."

more ...[NY1]

In 1963, when they started keeping track, the number was 548. Right now we're around 528. I don't know if that's counting the mofo who stepped on my red suede New Balance yesterday without saying sorry. He probably regrets that move, now that in addition to no longer being alive, he might not even be a statistic.

But seriously folks. 528 homicides in a city of eight million people? One that had a three-day transit strike? That's impressive. There's probably at least a million people a day doing things that warrant them being brutally murdered. Or at least first-degree manslaughtered .

With all this wiggle room, I'd advise an enhanced level of courtesy when dealing with your fellow NYers. Some of us might start taking advantage of this homicide credit.


  1. Anonymous12/28/2005

    I was definitely goign to kill some transit workers if the strike went on anymore. After walking the length of the city murder is always an option.

  2. Ah, you New Yorkers are soft. Soft, I tell you! Chicago has about a third the population of NYC, and yet we posted an impressive 598 murders in 2003. We were in a slump last year with only 448, and this year's shaping up to be like 2004. Even so, we're still more murderous than you pansies.

    Is that a new pimple on my chin? Man, I'm so pissed I could just bludgeon someone...

  3. tell it like it is brotha!

  4. something to keep in mind with these murder-rate statistics is that many people today survive gun shot wounds, stabbings, etc., who would've died 30 years ago because emergency medicine has vastly improved since then.

    so it's also worthwhile to look at the attempted-murder statistics, too.

  5. Crime is definitely way, way down from its early-'90s peak. To go from 2,200 murders to 530 in 15 years takes more than medical advancements. Remarkable.

  6. Philly is at 3-something and only has 1 million residents. If I still knew math, I bet that'd be some comparison.

  7. what is often times forgot about this murder statistic is that most of the people that would do the killin are doin prison checks. also, the new love of kickin po people out of the city as well lowers the crime.

  8. Anonymous1/02/2006

    HAAA, New Orleans has them all beat, in 1996 New Orleans Had 535 murders with a population of only 1 million.


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