Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Josh And His Brother Harty Har-Har

The other day I caught myself telling someone I was joshing.

This is a word we need to bring back. It’s just fun. It’s old school. It’s distinctive. It has character. You never hear black people say joshing. I mean, you don't hear it much at all. But you'd really be stunned to hear someone in the hood break out a "joshing."

Some motherfucker named Josh influenced the right people. A funny motherfucker named Josh.

How funny was this guy?

"I’m just joshing." "I’m just joshing with you."

He had that particularly kidding style of humor also. Not too edgy. Type of shit you say harty-har-har too. That's why I think Josh's brother's name was Harty Har-Har. To become a figure of speech, Josh had to have a regular sidekick/hypeman. And if someone's doing some comedy that inspires a "joshing" remark, you know "harty har-har" is not far behind.

"oh I'm just Joshing"

"harty har-har"

I just want to know whose mountain did he brokeback to make his name part of the colloquialized lexicon?

I ain't joshing Josh. Fess up. Or your brother Harty Har-Har pays the price.

UPDATE: Josh makes The Black List, and gets a C grade.


  1. My dad says that!! So occasionally I have said it too...

    "I'm just joshin' ya!"


    I don't say "hardy har har" haha

    Funny pic too!

  2. I josh regularly, and at times I explicitly say that I'm just joshing. I am 100% har-har free, though.

    P.S. The Compact OED says the origin of "josh" is unknown, so your etymology is as good as anyone's...

  3. ok, you can resurrect joshing,,,, just as long as we don't have to be yankin anyone's chain or pulling anyone's leg.


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