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More From The Miss Cleo Manual For Aspiring Psychics

So enough people wanted more Miss Cleo (of course, I foresaw that would happen). So here's some more. From the sections titled, "Some Ideas For Adding Time To Your Calls," and "Suicide Calls" appropriately enough the last section in the manual.

If you're joining us mid-stream. Here's the first post/section from the Miss Cleo manual.

My favorite section from below is F - "If so, I see that a man with a receding hairline will be acknowledging your accomplishments."

That's excellent. I wish I got to say that to someone and hear them exclaim in delighted satisfaction.

Ok. I know all you psychics-in-waiting are eager to get your learning on. Make sure you use this power judiciously. Here you go:

Some Ideas For Adding Time To Your Calls

A: If you feel the call is coming to an end, this may help to attract the caller’s attention and help you in maintaining the call longer.

“Pretty soon I see that a person is going to approach you for a favor. Depending on the situation, this is going to be someone who is close to you, a family member or close friend. They will seem anxious for you to be involved and help them, this will cause you to be a little skeptical, and reluctant to assist them. There may be some deception involved in granting this favor, you may feel that you are being used, or that the person has ulterior motives. Don’t let these feelings sway you from getting involved or helping this person.”

By getting involved and hearing the entire story or situation, you will get a better understanding as to where you fit into this problem. After you have heard all the information, you will realize helping this person is going to have a positive outcome for you. Not only helping this person, but also, making you feel better about yourself. You will walk away from this feeling like a new person. You will not only have helped this person, but they will not forget how much you’ve helped them.

B: One of your closest friends will be coming into some form of fortune, not necessarily a monetary fortune, but something that they have been waiting for, will be coming their way. You and this person are very close, and they are going to share their new fortune with you. You have helped this person through many tough times, and they have not forgotten you, or what you have done for them in the past. By this person remembering you, and repaying you in some form, will reinforce that you have been following the right path in life. Helping others and not getting recognition for your assistance in the past has made you reluctant to be there for others when they needed you. This act of sharing will renew your faith that not everyone has tried to take advantage of you for your help.

C: Is there someone close to you involved in a criminal suit, or civil suit. If so they will have to be very patient and very strong. They will triumph in the end, but the road there is littered with bumps. They may feel as though this is a never-ending situation, and feel very depressed that this is dragging out so long, and that there have been so many problems that have arisen. Reinforce that there is a positive outcome; they just have to be patient.

D: Have you recently been involved in a disagreement or argument with someone close to you. If so, I see that there is some things you have encountered that have made you think of this person often. You may have some feelings of guilt even though the incident might not have been your fault. You need to take the first step in making a truce here. Though you have to approach this person, and may be the one to take the blame for the argument, you will be able to let the guilt fall away. When you and this person make-up, and are back to where you were before, the friendship or relationship will be much stronger.

E: Do you know someone names Michael? I see that this person has lost something recently. I see that they have searched all over for this. You will find whatever it is that was lost near flowers. If the caller says, “there isn’t any flowers near them, or close to them”, remember you are never wrong. Tell them that they will be near flowers soon, whether is it an outside party, or in a yard. Say, I see this person being so relieved that they may feel indebted to you for having found it.

F: Have you taken on some new responsibilities at work lately? If so, I see that a man with a receding hairline will be acknowledging your accomplishments. You have struggled with these new responsibilities, and he will be the one to recognize this and see that you have worked hard, and he will also be the one to either push for you to be given a raise, or perhaps even a promotion. This new endeavor will pave the way for your future with this job. You may have felt that you were appreciated or acknowledged for your work, but again, this person will make sure that you are.

G: Are you taking a training course or in some kind of class at this time? If so I see that the education you are receiving will be quite important in the work you do. You will need to follow through with this class, and make sure you pay attention to any opportunities that may becoming your way, especially relating to this new skill you have just learned. You will be able to use this to your advantage. A new job will come from this. You will be utilizing your new skill, and using this to be more productive. I see you excelling in this new job.

H: Have you been having a problem with money lately. Making ends meet…living paycheck to paycheck?

If so: This is not for you. I see you have ambition, and want a much better life in the future. I also see that you are willing to work for it. There is an opportunity that is coming your way in the near future. I believe this will come in the mail. This is the vehicle that will change your life far beyond your dreams. Be careful no to overlook it.

If no: I see something coming to you in the near future, a money making opportunity that will change your life, get you things you never thought you’d have. I see this change is a result of your hard work, not necessarily a new job, but an achievement you’ll work for. I see that this opportunity will come to you most likely in the mail, or be something you read somewhere. Don’t let this pass you by. It’s the real thinking, the thing that will bring you a whole new happiness. More money to do the things you love to do, and it will be easy, not like a job at all.
Additional Information

I see someone in your life that has been looking for something for a long time. They are not going to get this and they are going to be very upset. You will hear about this by phone and it will be lengthy conversation, you will be a major help to this person.

However, they are so much better off for not having gotten this as something else so much better is coming their way. And they will not have to wait too long for it.

I can see a field of flowers with a border of flowerpots. People are searching thru the field. What I sense here is that something is lost and it will be found in a vase or flowerpot

I rarely get a name but I seem to be getting one now. Do you know a Michael or Michelle?

If yes - They will do you a very big favor in the future.

If no - They will meet someone with that name or a similar one that will do them a favor in the future.

I can see you in someone’s office. There are a lot of books around. The man sitting at his desk either has a large forehead or a receding hairline. I can’t tell which. He will give you good advice, which will affect your future in a positive way.

I see you at some sort of Auction or sale…..Maybe even a flea market. At any rate there is a lot of wood around, on the walls and even on the ceiling. You will find a bargain this day, which will make you very happy.

Late in (give month) the mail will bring an opportunity to increase your income. Take advantage of this even it seems a bit risky.

The year 2002 will be one of the better years in your life. You will have the contentment & happiness and your finances will improve. Many opportunities will come your way and you will feel like you are living a charmed life. Much of the good things that happen this year will spill over into the following years. You only have good things to look forward.

Someone you are very close to has been thinking about you today. This is someone who has a close bond with you. I can see a lot of love here. This person is a very strong person. It could be a parent as they hope that you have success and wish you would assert yourself more. I believe you should call this person.

Suicide Calls

Is it a real threat or a gesture for attention?
A gesture comes from a person who really does not want to die. The danger is that the threat may go to far.

Evaluating threats

Use the S-A-L method for evaluating the suicide threat.

S-Specified Plan Does it appear that the caller has a specific method and time for following through with the plan to commit suicide?

A-Availability Does the caller have the means available to accomplish the act? Encourage the caller to tell you if he/she is taking any medication, or if they have a gun, that they intend to use.

L-Lethality Is the plan of action lethal? For Example, what kind, and how much medication does the caller have at hand to use?

If there is no threat of suicide, but you are presented with a high-risk scenario, ask the caller if they are planning to hurt or harm themselves. Say something like, “sounds like it is a very stressful time for you. Are you thinking of hurting yourself?” If the person says yes, ask them how they would do it. AVOID using the word suicide.

Unwillingness to talk about the method might indicate they the suicide intent is real and the person does not want to be stopped. Attempt to redirect the person’s attention. The caller believes that he without hope, but get them to explain to you how he has come this far in life. Help him focus on his previous strengths, and help him to let those strengths carry him through the next 24 hours. THIS CAN HELP SAVE THE PERSONS LIFE. In these situations it is very important to let the caller express his sadness or frustration. Be sure to LISTEN

Start to help the caller focus on what he can do NOW. Discuss other options that might be open to him/her.


Of course what I do with a potential suicide is forward them to my blog and cue up the appropriate song.

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