Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blue Notes -- Museum of the Assimilated Negro: Exhibit B (audio)

This is the second exhibit in the Museum of the Assimilated Negro.

The first exhibit is about the Assimilated Negro's love affair with mid 90's "Golden Era" hip hop (artists like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul highlight the more recognizeable names)

This exhibit begins, "Now as we continue on, you will see the assimilated negro eventually had to modernize his sound ..."

The interlude is narrated by world-traveled poet, Avra Kouffman.

The display piece in exhibit two is "Phone Sex".

"it won't stop 'til you say when / and then / no REM / so get your friend / on IM / we can do it again ..."

we got the remix coming soon ... but did you peep the old school phone tone? vintage...

The Museum of the Assimilated Negro kindly thanks you for your feedback and support. Please come again.


  1. Wow you glossed right over my ass! And by "glossed" I mean, "failed to ackowledge me in even a rudimentary way."

    You hurt my feelings. That's mean.

  2. But, he wondered, what does she mean by "ass?"

    I"m just kidding rach-a-e-l.

    Can I call you rach-a-e-l by the way?


    I think I just did the post before doing comments. I don't think i glossed.

    Or maybe I did. But was it over your ass?

    if so, that's very rude of me... very non-assimilated

    but I like your pic

  3. LOL - everyone does!

    Of course you can call me Rach-a-el... You can call me lots of things... I'll answer to anything except "stupid."

    Childhood scars, you understnad?

  4. Anonymous10/05/2005

    yo TAN, this audio is cool. ph. sex is kind of catchy. you got a podcast or something?

  5. he who shall not be named - TAN pod coming soon ...

  6. Anonymous10/07/2005

    You are contributing to the great electronic archive that we are slowly building - we have the potential to digitize in some form or another every cultural artifact; I think museum attendance figures show that "aint nothing like the real thing" doesn't fly anymore.


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