Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's Just You, Me, And The Blog Makes Three Tonight

I hate to say it, because the intent is not to offend people, and I know just about everyone does this. But it's because everyone is doing it that I have to comment.

I've grown extremely weary of the whole "nobody reads my blog" premise. I think at least half of all the posts in blogdom say something to the effect of, "well no one is reading this crap, but I'm going to say it anyways ..." or "I'd send you some traffic but I don't think you'd miss me and my grandma."

Generally speaking I think too many bloggers have taken the whole geek-chic "I'm a loser" sensibility too far.

And I'm part of the problem. I've made jokes like that also. And afterwards I licked my fur and ate berries off a bush because I felt like a dirty baboon.

I know it's tough. Since joining the blog-ranks I've learned quickly that original sin is acting like the bully that used to pick on you in grade school.

But have some pride.

Your mom wants you to be humble. She doesn't want you to be a loser.

Thom Yorke is not actually a creep.

Lennon and McCartney are not actually losers.

They're rock-stars that made hit songs that inspire us to be ... more than a loser.


so herbs and herbettes, what have we learned today?

TAN is the greatest.

Larry has a blog.

And I've got to cut this short because there will be a million-woman-march if I don't have two posts up by the start of the business day



  1. Thank goodness someone said it!! Isn't 'nobody reads this" code for "leave me a comment and make me feel good, fuckers!" Anyone who pretends that blogging ain't about the ego-stroke is a big fat liar. People iotch when they don't get comments... they bitch when the comments poke holes in their premise... that's what SOME people do. I lose interest in those types of blogs real quick.

    By the way, I love you. You're assimilated enough to win over my mother, and dark enough to piss off my father. Wanna blow-job?

  2. Rachael's funny.

    I did put up a flush-out-the-lurkers post a few months back. It was after I found out my crush had been lurking for months without ever once letting on that he'd read about, say, my lovely new bras. Or my bikini-area shaving habits. Then he stopped reading after I started a second blog, so I had to specifically invite him over, even though the crush is over, when I photo-blogged. Heh! I know he visited because I saw his domain name pop up in Site Meter, but he never alluded to my rack. He's a tad conservative, poor guy.

    I've got my scores of daily visitors (my husband's impressed that there are that many), and I doubt they'll ever become thousands of people. But you know what? I really only want the clever people hanging around, so that's okay. I'm not looking for fame; I'm just looking for a good time.

  3. my blog shits in your blog's mouth.


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