Sunday, October 16, 2005

And There Will Be Much Rejoicing

I was going to write something funny about the results of this Gallup poll on interracial dating. But I couldn't do it through the tears of joy streaming down my face.

Thanks to Orange for the info.

And since it's clearly no coincidence that the rise of the TAN blog coincides with America's acceptance of interracial dating, we do have another item to add to the Trends I Started page...


  1. Dagnabbit, that's the wrong blog link. I never should've started my second blog with the same username, because then when I tried to hide the first blog from the people who read the second one, that screwed up my profile for the folks who can be trusted with the first blog. To wit: this is the blog where I posted about that damn Gallup poll.

  2. That's amazing news. Surprising as well. *You* are the guy who started all this interracial dating stuff? Wicked. I'm a big fan of interracial dating. Can I have your autograph?

  3. gia - of course. no prob.

    here it is :


  4. Anonymous11/08/2006

    You should, however, draw the line and never ever date outside your marital status. It's wrong and people get hurt. Listen to me.


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