Friday, October 07, 2005

Blurfing All Night Long + Overheard + Cardio Cabbie = This Post

So it occurred to me "blurfing" (blogging + surfing) should be a more frequently used word, especially in the blogging community. But I had not seen it until it popped in my head today. I googled it and saw hits come up, but I didn't look at anything because I'm still adding it to the Trends I Started list.


*with a stern reprimanding tone*

"... chewing sugarless gum is not a substitute for brushing your teeth ..."

Crazy Cab Driver UES

I was walking down the street, and this cab driver zooms in and pulls right up to the curb at the end of the block I'm walking on. There's a tree just a couple feet away from the corner of the street. The cabdriver gets out of his cab and makes a beeline right for the tree. At the tree he looks up and starts jumping trying to reach the bottom limb. He eventually grabs the bottom limb and starts doing chin-ups. But he's struggling with the chinups. He ends up doing THREE chin ups, and then got back in his cab and left.

So to recap:

This cabdriver, who hasn't done a chinup in like five years, is on a mission to the tree spot he previously scouted, a spot where he could just barely reach the bottom limb, and with a lot of hassle struggle to knock out three chinups. I wish I had video.

This is why NYC is the greatest city in the universe. No where else could you receive such uniquely compelling entertainment. Free of charge. Just out the blue.

And if you live in NYC. This cabdriver may be driving you somewhere tonight.

I'll be looking for it on the news.


  1. Jeez, I wnoder the hell that was all about! Crazy? Made a bet? Crazy? Can't afford a gym membership?

    WTF? (oh, and thank you for inventing acronyms - you're a peach!)

  2. Anonymous10/08/2005

    probably working off some steam.. or something..

  3. Anonymous10/09/2005

    hehehehe...Two blocks from the school where I taught (just outside of DC) I saw a woman, nude, sitting in traffic, waving her body back and forth yelling "I can't take it here anymore! Too many crazy people!" You think????

  4. yeah, they should all get on E-Harmony and live happily ever after ...

  5. good ol NYC. you can get takeout...and do chinups 24/7.

  6. It's like I thought I had invented the term ASS HEAD, but then I looked it up on blogger and there are a whole lot of people using this term, as well as some who apparently prefer the euphemism "ASS HAT". What's up with that?

  7. Anonymous11/09/2005

    you are hilarious. your blog is by far the funniest writing of which I ever have partaken. i will be buying your cd.

  8. Anonymous12/08/2005

    Thank you, very interesting!


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