Thursday, October 20, 2005

Doing It Bloggy-Style

100 blogs in 100 days says hi to the Negro ...

thanks Jen

and while we're talking about resistance being futile ...

if I turn my laptop around, so its back is towards me. And I can just reach around to manipulate the keyboard with my fingers. And I make pelvic thrust motions with my hips while I write.

Is that considered doing it bloggy-style?

I would have included a pic, but the ibook says some things should be kept private (or left to the imagination)



  1. congrats and yes.

    p.s. these verification words are getting outta hand

  2. I would never blog on my desktop Bloggy Style, because that might hurt my pee-pee!

    I found your blog threw Gia's blog, so I thought I say hi.


    NIce to meet you Assimilated Negro! What do you simulate anyways?

  3. Bloggy style...

    The AssTimulated Negro?

  4. small, small world. Loved your comment on Gawker this AM, BTW.


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