Sunday, October 30, 2005

TAN Press Room

recent online:

ESPN, Grantland press release
Grantland pieces

Exciting new books to read this fall, Flavorwire

VMA's Break tradition, Tell Me More, NPR

The Free Agent List: 2011's 50  Media Power Bachelors, New York Observer

Making a Hashtag of it, NYTimes

TAN seen on:

"the assimilated negro destroyed my life ...."

Random House/Crown/Three Rivers - "Negropedia" - 10/4/11

ESPN The Magazine: Vick Issue(9/5/11) - The Postracial Dog Park

N+1 - "What Was The Hipster?" - 10/15/10

Houston Chronicle - "Web Hunks" - 8/03/09

Houston Chronicle - "Race-related blog causing white-hot reaction" - 3/20/08

Time Out New York - "Bring Back Segregation!" - 8/23/07

Penthouse - "How To Have Sex with a Racist" - June, 07

The New York Times - "Slyders by Candlelight" - 2/18/07

The New York Observer - "Blog Ghetto" - 1/29/07

Hartford Advocate - "Ebony & Ivory Tower" - 12/28/06

AM New York - "New York, Blog City" - 3/17/06

The Village Voice - Lusty Lady column - 1/27/06

The Village Voice - Best of NYC, 2

The Village Voice - Best of NYC, 2005


A Bronx Tale: Sonia Sotomayor

Hunt for the Hipster Grifter

Don Imus

Virgina Tech Incident

Negro Bowl I

White Castle Valentine it, son


  1. You're too modest!

  2. Anonymous10/31/2005

    that's fairly impressive for a couple months of blogging.

  3. Anonymous10/31/2005

    nice credenntials. but i'm with orange, modesty is clearly your biggest characteristic :)

  4. d'oh!

    well Patrice is the publicist

    and TAN is TAN

    they don't talk about each other much ...

  5. oh, OK, well I'll keep it on the QT, then.

  6. Anonymous10/31/2005

    gawker to gaping void to anil is an interesting range of plugs. good work.

  7. Anonymous1/06/2006


  8. TAN,
    is it true that you are changing T.A.N. into The Accomodating Negro?

    Well if you do, you have my vote for the W.E.B. DuBois Award for Talented Tenth Negroes.

  9. Anonymous2/18/2008

    You have lost your sanity, but you enjoy yourself, which is what counts ultimately. Accommodating Negro is too harsh, but we all await the screenplay for "Must Love Black People" and then "Must Love Average Black Chicks" and or subtitled "Must Love Brocoli"


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