Thursday, October 06, 2005

What Do You Have To Do To Get Some Attention Around Here ??? Kill Yourself?? (audio)

Interruption advertising isn't working anymore.
If you want people's attention, you need to go above and beyond.

And if you do that hip hop stuff, well fact of the matter is, a dead rapper is a more marketable rapper.

Maybe it holds true for blogging as well. Perhaps The TAN blog will rise to prominence ... posthumously.

At least I would have had the foresight to predict it....

The Rapper/Blogger Suicide documented below:

Kill Yourself TAN-Man


i'm suicidal
situation is vital
can’t be at home watching American Idol
knowing I’m only unknown
cause I’m still alive
so I stay penning lines
and can’t wait to die
so you say look at what he did
look at how he lived
look on e-bay they selling posters from his crib
look how his teeth had crowns
he wore smiles and frowns
some girls blew him off
some girls went down
so how should I do it?
how I’m gonna go?
maybe drop a toaster when I get into the flow
can’t shoot myself
I’ll be a Cobain biter
so maybe no-pain no-gain
with a propane lighter
can’t o-d on cocaine
just too cliché

keep butting heads w/ Tone
might catch a death by DJ
cause hip hop
we need a suicide
we on the killing ourselves tip
but don’t fuck with all that killing yourself shit
so when I RIP
watching the sales pick-up
you’ll gonna be like he was the truest
only way to do this
like Van Gogh, Hemmingway, Marc Anthony, Brutus
virginia, Hitler, Jim Morrison, Judas
list goes on
that’s how you end a song
zapp and Donny Hath
you’ll don’t know the half
this will to power
got me counting the hours
I think it all day
you only think it in the shower
it’s insane
how you could gain fame
and end the pain
with one vein
another page stained
you’ll maintain
i’m shutting the mainframe
over for Jor-El
and I don’t mean another another stage name
time to show you what I’m really about
jor-El signing off baby
over and out


  1. Anonymous10/06/2005

    does TAN = jor-el?

  2. TAN does = Jor-El. Kind of. Jor-El is the emcee persona. But everybody lives in the same house on Me Street.

    Jor-El is the father of superman. And I think of superman more in the Nietzsche context than the comic character.

  3. Anonymous10/07/2005

    I hate to reiterate a media analysis which has been floating around in some form since the 1980s, but we now need "super-disasters" to get anyone's attention. An Oklahoma bombing is small fry now - what could compare to 9-11? The media have already forgotten about Rita because it can't compare with Katrina. Serial killers and suicides aren't even enough anymore. To get memorable recognition, a group of rappers will have to commit mass suicide -- and I truly am shuddering at that thought (seriosuly, I am not advocating mass suicide; put the guns down).

  4. I was gonna mention that superman thing - but you guys beat me to it.

    WE act the media sells us stuff we don't buy. Sure - death sells, addiction sells, sex scandals sell (I think an oklahoma city bombing would still sell because we all love out homegrown weirdos), they could even sell another Charlie Manson. Cause we buy it.

    Every stupid chick with 2 extra dollars buys those stupid magazines at the checkout. And if they bring it home, their man will read too... probably just looking for free t&a, but he'll read just to gain insight into a heart of the T and the A.

    I'm sick of people acting like thw media is controlling us. We're not in a novel called 1984. Our telescreens don't have to be turned on every second of every day. All we have to do is quit buying... quit watching. They need us more than we need them!

  5. Yyeah, you think you could say everyone needs to wake up. but it's weird how the numbers are there. In marketing you measure demographics and categorize people because it works. we have to reconcile the herd mentality in some positive way because it exists and it's real, so it can't be "bad" or "stupid"... right?

  6. Anonymous10/08/2005

    and you beat Nick cage re; using "Jor-El" too. Youre so far ahead of the pack, the demographic for you is elite, in that: like robin williams, youre quick with references that not everyone recognizes, therefore making him seem obtuse to the point of WTF to some.
    Its always about the lowest common denominator, which is "herd mentality".
    So,is it fart jokes, or more obscure but intellectually stimulating reference?
    Think Richard Pryor

  7. Anonymous1/12/2006



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