Sunday, October 09, 2005

Phase 2 For True: Negroes Enjoy Sex & Love Too!!

I'm sure every young male 18-34 is familiar with the online dating service "True"

The first directive of their marketing plan was to make softcore-porn ads standard in every web based mail app.

If a girl like this is not positioned next to your hotmail inbox, just click refresh.

Copyranter has an amusing blurb on True and E-harmony. I didn't really have much to add until I went to my own hotmail and discovered that True has gone to Phase 2 of their plan:

True discovers that Negroes also enjoy "finding love" and getting presented in a soft-core porn motif.

This was the first touch of melanin I've seen from true , and it's probably been a year that they've been massaging my ego with oh-so-sexy imagery.

Of course I got much love for the light-skin ladies, and the kinda light-skin ladies, so it's all good to me. I just find it amusing, considering how aggressive they've been, that it took some time to break the colored airbrushing tool out.

I personally suspect Phase 2 began soon after they stumbled upon The Assimilated Negro.


  1. I love it. Like, I know that girl won't be the one they're gonna hook me up with, but I can't help but hope.

    Men are sofa king wee todd did.

  2. yeah one of the funniest elements of the True campaign is that the girls in the ads/promotions are not on any part of the site. not even as dressing. complete and total bait-and-switch.

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