Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TAN Sees Ratings Spike, Thanks God And A Million Others

I don't have a blog roll list, primarily for two reasons.

One, I have too many posts that are hot like fire to waste time linking to others.

Two, I don't know how to do it. I still pace the room and murmur to myself if I want to embed a link outside of the blogger interface. blog roll is likely scheduled sometime this winter.

So if you like your blogs arrogant, please suck on reason #1. If you like humility, feel free to nibble on reason #2.

In the meantime, blog roll notwithstanding, I have definitely seen a boost in the traffic here recently. So I want to take a moment to toss some salad for those who have embraced TAN and spread the gospel.

So after this love connection, The Assimilated Negro will be back in two and two...

Gawker – How "Gawk At This" avoided the front page is beyond me, but I still feel their ripple effect, even if they're swimming in a different pond.

Blogebrity – who is rumored to be considering creating a D-list just so I can go on it

TMFTML – who said Gawk At This had apocalyptic implications ... or something like that.

Anil Dash – who's a veteran of this blog game, but still let me threaten him with a gat in his own comment section

Hugh/Gaping Void
- who may be the only person who complimented me without some qualification or caveat. And in return I criticize him on my next post. How TAN of me. But he's talking global microbrand now, which is gold, so he doesn't care.

Rach-a-el, Orange, Gia – who have made it seem like girls (and even the occasional woman) actually like me.

Jack – because she lives in the hood and is therefore avant garde.

– for helping me get some sports peeps in here.

Straight Bangin – for helping me get some negro peeps in here. Even though I don’t think they comment...

Mark Rayner – who’s been linking my Negroese for a few weeks straight in his Carnival of Satire.

Everyone who inexplicably made "Beans and Milk" my most commented on post thus far.

Krucoff - for making the Battle of the TAN Jam happen, even though we didn't get much voter turnout.
Patches, Cuddles, and God for making my 100 things list so gosh darn interesting

This is What We Do Now“I have a blog” is one of the funniest things I've read recently.

PT Anderson – who is apparently more interesting and search-worthy than anything having to do with the word “negro.”

Ok, that's all I can muster for now. Must let mouth heal. Anyone I forgot, please take a long look in the mirror and think about how much this really means.

If you still want to complain, let me know so I can blog about it.



  1. shit, tan, I got a little misty there.

  2. Aaah yes. The blogroll. Do yourself a favor. Don't even start one. If you do you may end up with more blogs than you are truly able to 'roll.' Keeping the thing updated (people change, links dry up, newbies enroll, oldies die) is murder.

    I do like that you created this optional blogroll thingy within a post. Nothin like a man who shows a little respect and still manages to keep his readers in check.

    Glad you stopped by the Outpost!

  3. Anonymous10/19/2005

    even your commercials are awesome

    you don't shout out your anonymous comments, can't I get some love?

  4. Anonymous10/19/2005

    I feel the love, TAN. Keep up the good shit.

  5. Jack - sorry, forgot the ol' deodorant today

    weary hag - funny name. thanks for dropping in.

    shout to my "anonymous" peeps

    gia - does that mean you scream out "assimilated negro" in the middle of the night?

    larry - wordemup

  6. bluemoon - thanks

    gia - yeah. maybe have him memorize a couple of my posts to really get the role play going. tell him to e-me if he wants any advice/suggestions.

  7. Came here from Hugh's
    Nice stuff, I'll pop in a little more and maybe you'll end up in my world wide web famous blogroll.

    Bloglines makes it tootsweet to add a blogroll in yer sidebar.

    Contact me if you are interested and I'll walk you through it.

  8. Anonymous10/29/2005

    biggest mistake I ever made was making a blog roll.

    no wait, i made other bigger mistakes. uh.. but I aint telling the internet what they are.
    byyyy the way, i'm adding you to mine, just so you know. i'm evil that way.(g)


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