Thursday, October 06, 2005

She Was Curvy, Light-Skinned, and Boring. Mulattinous In Every Sense Of The Word

If gelato can be gelatinous, does that mean a mulatto can be mulattinous?

I think you have two options:

#1 - A mulatto with gelatinous features (i.e. I don't think you're ready, for this jelly) - they would be mulattinous.

#2 - Or you could have a mulatto who is monotonous. They'd be mulotonous.

I think #1 is closer to real. But #2 is closer to funny.

Anyone know somebody who fits the description so we can ask? I suspect mulattos are extinct, but you never know what might turn up in a rainforest somewhere.


  1. I'm more albinois? Or see throughis...

  2. Yes, but what about mucilage?

  3. i have nothing witty to add other than thanks for commenting on my blog - and that was fucking funny.

  4. I just can't wait until we're all mixed so thoroughly that everyone looks exactly the same.

    er, wait. that'll suck. But made up words are among my top 6 favorite things of all time (from 1987 onward, at least)

    and, frankly, I don't think I am qualified to answer any of the questions you posted on my blog. I can't even be bothered to hit my shift key most of the time!

  5. Anonymous10/07/2005

    I believe De La Soul said it best: "I be a piece of the east coast, so give a toast to blunt.. wonder why back in the day who soaked his words in Ginger.. so when I ran a phrase in June you didn't catch it 'till December.. I'm a member of those kids from the inner city bringing you kiddies audible treats.. You be 'eggin' for makin' more money than a pagan holiday.. Not from the P.J.'s but I STILL got somethin' to say."

    Stakes is High - Definite Top 10.

  6. Lisa what the hell are you doing up so late??? It's a school night!

    I know some babes we could ask... but it's late, they don't have blogs, and they aren't very funny. Hot. Good dancers. Cute clothes. But not funny. They're funny enough to find me funny... but I'm not sure how well your rain-forest joke would be received...

  7. What if you're a gelatinous white girl? Would that be "WASP-inous"? "Gelati-crackah"?

    Damn, I can't even make up words today.

  8. Those are very strange questions. Is there a purpose for them, or are you just being facetious? I would answer, if I understood the motivation :-)

  9. A similar redneck would be "Mulletonous", no?

  10. Anonymous11/10/2005

    I prefer to refer to myself as "melanin challenged"...but then again I am a full negress..just "melanin challenged"


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