Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Deadspin / Fantasy Football Roundup (week 7)

Deadspin picked up my "tough guy wonders what friends think" bit. So I’ve been getting some sports traffic pumped in today. And since I haven’t talked about sports in a few weeks, it’s as good a time as any to jump in with a fantasy sports roundup.

Week 7 looms, and like every week in the NFL, it’s a big one.

For those of you wondering what The Assimilated Negro knows about sports, let alone fantasy sports, all I can say is I when I watch games I watch them on my Sharp Aquos flat-screen tv given to me by ESPN for fantasy football domination. Millions play, but few land the Aquos

You think about that while I iron my stack of league championship t-shirts with a water bottle.


It’s tempting to say sell on Bledsoe. But with Seattle, Arizona, Detroit, Denver, Giants (again), and Kansas City in six of the next seven games, there’s no reason to bail unless you get a crazy offer. He’s going to be a bonus for whoever has him this year.

On the flip side Carson Palmer has Pittsburgh and Baltimore four times in the next six weeks. The Bengals have one loss, so you know some bad play is coming.

Daunte Culpepper and Trent Green are great buy low candidates. Both have seen their worst days already and have only upside ahead. They could be top 5 for the rest of the season.

Peyton, Brady, McNabb, Culpepper, Favre, & McNair are my top six guys I’d like to have going forward.

Running Back

Steven Jackson should get more work with both Bulger and Mike Martz out. New Orleans, Seattle, Zona and Houston in four of the next five.

If you are a Cadillac Williams owner, and you are not in a keeper league, you should look to cash in those rookie-splash chips. Pittman will continue to eat into his touches as TB will not want to break the rookie down. Carolina, Washington, Chicago in three of the next five doesn’t help.

With Brunell to Moss becoming a factor in Washington, Clinton Portis should be the primary beneficiary, his numbers should improve.

Marcell Schipp is a nice cheap sleeper RB. Coming out the Arizona bye teams will now be very focused on stopping Fitzgerald and Boldin. Schipp is a solid runner, and the Dennis Green offense will get better as the season goes on.

Wide Receiver

Santana Moss is always a feast or famine guy, and those guys kill you. If you can deal him for good value, jump on it.

If you haven’t noticed already Kevin Curtis is the real #2 WR in St. Louis. Bulger going down hurts, but he should continue to be a solid producer since Holt commands so much attention.

Jerry porter gets his chance to step up with Moss hobbled.

Joe Jurevicius is a perfect fit in Seattle. A big “hands” receiver is just what they needed. You may have gotten him off FA, but he’s a solid #2 WR even when Darrell Jackson returns.

I’d bail on the Indianopolis WR’s. There’s too much hype around them for too little consistency. Reggie Wayne will have better games, probably soon, now that the Peyton/Harrison record is done. But if you can get value off the Indianopolis brand name, I’d go for it. Edgerrin James is the guy to own to cash in on the Indy offense.

Tight End

If you can get Tony Gonzalez for cheap, obviously go ahead and do it. But as noted in the preseason, TE, once very thin, is now fairly deep these days. Tony, Gates, Shockey, Crumpler, McMichael, Witten are all top shelf performers. Todd Heap has been getting back in the groove, and LJ Smith, Chris Cooley, jermaine Wiggins, and Heath Miller aren’t bad. If you only have to play one, you don’t need to sweat the TE position, it’s all good.


defense is tough this year. The Colts are clearly for real, and have a very songy cake-like schedule. Baltimore will return to form. I'd be wary if I were Cincy reliant, thir run defense is sketchy.

That's all. Week 7 Wrap.



  1. Anonymous10/18/2005

    If the Colts don't sleepwalk through Houston, do you think they have a chance against New England? And what do you think they'll do against Pittsburg?

    Just curious. It's not I like I ever take any of this serious.

  2. This is a life or death situation man. take it very seriously.

    New England is a shell of itself right now, especially on the defensive side. They are not the same NE that has dominated the last few seasons. This is the Colts year. They are setup very nicely.

    The Colts could lose to Pittsburgh, but their D is definitely solid enough now to win a title with that offense. I expect them to have homefield advantage this year.

  3. Do the Bills have a shot at winning the AFC East?

  4. New England is down and everyone else has problems also, but I wouldn't bet on Buffalo. Thugh I do like them a lot more with Holcomb than Losman. But their D isn't the same anymore.

    a look at the schedule shows -- Oakland, Kansas City, San Diego, Carolina, Denver, and Cincy in addition to the AFC East matchups including New England twice.

    That's a lot of quality rushing attacks for a team currently next to last in the AFC against the rush.

    They'll be very lucky to finish at .500

  5. Tedy Bruschi is returning for one reason - the Indianapolis game. His return will fire up the New England crowd, and with Corey Dillon coming back from the ankle predicament rested up, this will be New England's super bowl, as they probably won't be playing in any AFC championship games this year. Beating an undefeated Indianapolis team at Foxboro with Bruschi returning will be the emotional high point for them this year, and they will beat them.

    Teddy B may burst a blood vessel, but he'll do it hold "the Edge" to 68 yards on 29 carries and getting a pick on an across the middle pass that Peyton never saw coming.

    The spread's the only question on that one. A new England victory is certainly worth betting on.

  6. david - I'm sorry, you must have just had some bad clam chowdah.

    it's all good. come back when you're feeling healthy.

  7. Damn, TAN man, dissing my sports prognostication!

    There's only a few games each year I get feelings about... and usually it's best to ignore them, especially when wagering. But how could you deny the Patriots/Billy B owning Peyton/Tony D, especially in Foxboro.. When the chilly winds begin to howl... and the icy hand of history creeps softly about Peyton's throat?

    Then again, ESPN just don't GIVE away those plasmas, either.

  8. david - ok, i take back the chowdah comment. I like your use of words in the retort.

    But Teddy B won't make a difference even if he does happen to be in game shape by then. The secondary is the real concern.


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