Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Magnetic Pull of T.A.N.

What can I say, I think it's pretty cool if someone makes a magnet out of you.

Mine looks a little ghetto, but I guess that's somewhat apropos.

He says they're not for sale, but talk to Malatron, and maybe you can convince him to send you one. Then TAN can be drinking Ketel & Cranberry in your kitchen also.



  1. ha! A little ghetto? You're kinda right. But it's really more the way the picture was taken. it's a bad angle. I noticed the 'ghetto look' of yours too. thought about taking another photo, than just said f-it. now i wish i did. it's actually a great looking magnet. all glossy and neat looking. it's great, and soon you'll be holding an important note to my fridge.

  2. careful, TAN. Don't let your head get too big. Otherwise you'll tip over after all those drinks.

  3. Man, I should make some magnets too.

  4. Anonymous10/31/2005

    Damm!@ that's impressive, yup.

  5. Anonymous10/31/2005

    that's funny. but I prefer the jessica coen one personally.

  6. Anonymous10/31/2005

    Your magnet might be a little ghetto, but that's exactly what I need to impress the women who come to my apartment. Right now, they take one look at the white-bread magnets I have on my refrigerator -- a "James Dean" magnet, a chicken magnet, and a "use Paxil" magnet -- and I'm totally branded as uncool. Some white guys from Long Island try to rap, I will put your magnet on my fridge.

    Congrats. Great site. Came to your from PLD.

  7. is that all it takes..........

  8. Anonymous12/03/2005

    Funny and then some , very tongue in cheek. You sooo need prayer...


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