Friday, October 28, 2005

The Magic Headphones

Got a great link from Maine, who I think will be covering it for blog bukkake Friday(just click, don't ask). the article, you gotta read it to believe it.

"A remote control that controls humans"

And here you thought the fight between you and your lady for the remote control could not get any more heated.


  1. Anonymous10/28/2005

    With this device, men can stop using our ears as the remote controls when we go down! Where are my headsets?

  2. blog bukkake would be a whole lot more interesting if it was a whole lot shorter.

    just saying.

  3. I need that.

    in other news: Negro-if you want in on the porn-holidays, mail me your e-mail address.

  4. I take back what I said about my blog shitting in your blog's mouth. Now it only shits on your blog's forehead.


  5. Who are we kidding? Remote control of humans is as old as the first cock tease (I'm talking about you, Lucy) and as common as a paycheck. The fact that there's a machine that can make me fall over if I'm stupid enough to put it on and hand the joystick over just means that one day my paycheck will go to the guy who makes the machine that makes me do my job, instead of to me. Which will be fine, as long as I can still get high...

  6. Jack - yeah i guess. but it is a friday. might as well let the gut hang out a bit.

    tubbs - pron holidays. my courier pigeon is on the sidebar.

    CR - that's better. as long as it's not too dark, it won't even be noticed.

    izmist - yeah I wonder how drugs would influence the electric current flow to the brain. maybe they'll test run in amsterdam first.

  7. Anonymous10/29/2005

    controlling women everywhere, want this for their men.

    myself, i want it for my kid. muwaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!

  8. That is the most frightening thing humans have ever invented. Worse than the nuclear bomb, worse than spray-on hair.

    I want one.


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