Thursday, October 13, 2005

How Mike Jones, Gawker, and the Best of NY Village Voice Came Together To Work On TAN's Behalf

You know Mike Jones is said to have made his name by making personal songs for strippers at his local club. So if I make personal songs for Gawker, shouldn’t I be able to run for president in a couple years. At the least as Barack’s running mate? He already gave an endorsement during the TAN commercial.

Feedback has been nice for “Gawk At This.” Though I can’t believe Gawker themselves couldn’t give me a front page mention. The guide is cool. But can we get some negro perspective up in the comments area? It was hiphop Thursday over there, and I can’t get a little tie-in. A little invite from Nicky D. Can’t we all just get along?

Maybe they need a little more substance.

the kids say I got that underground buzz ...

I say thanks for the love, but ummm .... you should know the rest

more personal inquiries recently, I'll respond with a 100 Things About TAN ... if I can count that high.


  1. I already have two people waiting for invites from me, dude.

    Anyway, Jess and Jesse are taking Yom Kippur off.

  2. And give me the damn mp3.

  3. have you ever read the story of riki-tiki-tembo?


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