Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh TAN-Man, Do You Have Anything In A Size PG-13?

So I haven't been set-up for very long, but already some people are beginning to place demands on my content. Not for my content mind you, on the content, like maybe you should do this, and maybe you should do that type stuff.

Since I'm still just trying to get people through the doors, and into the club ... it's all good. Say or suggest what you like. Ask and ye might receive...

One person told me I was funny, but a little "extreme" with the race stuff. Maybe I should present some safer, family-oriented content.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I have unwittingly bared my booby and offended some people. Not enough that they didn't laugh (or say they did) ... but enough for them to order a carrier pigeon to send a message to The Assimilated Negro

So upon receiving the pigeon, I immediately sent my assistant for something out the Smells Like Onion department.

And so this is for all the cutie-patootie lovers out there:

Apples and Oranges Strike Back

Say they “have more in common than people know”

(AP) October 11, 2005, New York –

Today representatives for both Apples and Oranges discussed their continuing shock at how Apples and Oranges are still being used as examples of difference. One notable Orange announced, “When people say, ‘it’s like apples and oranges’ to make the point in comparing things that are different, we’re always taken aback.”

One Apple spokesperson said, “I mean we’re different … but we’re sure there are better examples. Like popcorn and missiles, or how about an aardvark and sneakers? Now those things will make your point be known. With us, I don't know, I think there’s still a lot of room for ambiguity.”

Another Orange agreed, “sure our colors are different, but red and orange are pretty close, it’s not like black and white here. We’re both fruit. We both have seeds in the middle. We’re both nutritious and tasty snacks. I could go on ... but what’s the point … people are going to say what they’re going to say”

Not looking for revolution, apples and oranges clearly just want their similar voices to be heard, “We don’t want to cause a ruckus, but we just want to make it be known … we’re not as different as people may think.”
apples and oranges point out that even other fruit like grapes and papaya are more different than apples and oranges


  1. I like this blog...good shit.

  2. Ain't no reason to go changing just cause some people complained. Just like anything else, if they don't like the content, well then don't visit the site. Don't like what's on the radio? Change the station. Get offended by the progamming on the WB? Switch the damn channel. Freedom of choice anyone?

  3. whoa TAN man..were you just hit on buy guy #1???
    I even told my pharmacist about you. If you see a guy with what looks like the groucho glasses..thats him.
    You matter where you matter what you do..theres always an asshole. You can count on that.
    As an artist, if someone asks me what I think about their art, I try to be informative, but not rude. I have taught art, commercial and "hobbyist". I know how dicey it can be to speak an opinion.
    But, people speak without thinking sometimes, they dont mean to be judgmental...they just dont edit.
    My own family has slayed some of my stuff..thinking they were helpful.
    Do your thing, listen to others, but do YOUR thing.
    You cant be an artist and not get hurt.

  4. Don't change a thing, hear me? If you do, I'll start throwing poo everywhere....

  5. Yeah, the whole "black" thing scares me a bit. I'm not saying you should be whitebread, because I like "edgy" and "street" and "urban", and I embrace diversity. But I wish it was less "in your face".

    Can you tone down the "black" and "militant" thing by about 9%? Thanks. See you next week at Bowling Night.

  6. I have a request too, actually.

    Keep the Black and Militant. But add boobs.

    Black Panther Porn. I want Black Panther Porn

  7. Oranges and apples, they're both round. Put a couple of 'em together, and what have you got? Boobs. I should know. I'm Orange.

  8. This was great! Forget those people. This is TAN's blog!

  9. Rachel is right...your blog, do your own thing....but I do like Tubbs' idea of boobs.....


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