Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TAN Sees Ratings Plummet, Says Screw God And A Million Others

what can I say I'm easily amused ...

but if you ended up at this post by googling "screw god" -or- "god ratings plummet" -or- "God screws millions, others tan" and have no idea what I'm talking about. Click here.

Seriously though I did want to add:

what's a party without SpinachDip?

what attitude problem?
- he's likely going to be one happy Colts fan by season's end

and they didn't beg to get on the list, as you might suspect. It just so happened my blog assistant messed up the dictation and thought I was talking about real spinach dip, and a real attitude problem



  1. I'm glad you put this up when you did. I was this close to sending you an angry missive, in which I probably would have stepped over the line, followed by an apology begging for forgiveness and linkage.

  2. Jesus, a little warning next time? I clicked on your "blog assistant" link.

  3. spinach - yeah you probably re-read that post 100 times to make sure you weren't mentioned. Thanks for the new car though. I love it !

    orange - sorry, gotta sneak pics of the old lady in there every now and again.

  4. The medical term for what the old lady's got is abdominal panniculus. That link describes the grade 5 panniculus as reaching the knees, as seen in your photo. Oy.


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