Thursday, October 20, 2005

Who Controls Hip Hop Image?

just a quick hit on the NBA moving away from the hip hop image.

From a hip hop perspective, the problem is not the NBA wanting to separate from the current hip hop image of guns, violence, and reckless materialism.

The problem is hip hop's image as guns, violence, and reckless materialism. We have to change the hip hop brand image, not scream racism at those who choose to disengage.

I hope TAN can help in that regard.

Because hip hop is definitely in the building.

(The NBA shouldn't get rid of hip hop, the NBA should get more TAN Hip Hop)

on a side but related note ...

how the race card is played in media is fascinating to me. The last two big race flare-ups, Bill Bennett and the NBA, are red herrings.

meanwhile in April, Princeton University reported that in New York City, "black applicants without criminal records are no more likely to get a job than white applicants just out of prison"

NBA's Employees Must Wear Collared Shirts

Black People On Same Ground As White Prisoners

which story do you run?



  1. Hey I sent your site to Alex and he says it's no good.

  2. Who's Alex? Alex Trebeck?

    tell him to comment, maybe I can talk some sense into him.

  3. Alex is the intrepid alex from the Nietzsche's philosophy list:

    Many of us have tried to talk some sense into Alex -- but few have succeeded.

  4. You can't talk sense to crazy and Alex must be crazy to not dig the TAN man!

    You make me smile and blush and think and be entertained all at once - love reading you.

  5. niki - you're making me smile and blush (at least I think a Negro can blush) ... thank you.

    unsane - have you tried nibbling on his earlobes? Sometimes that helps with these Nietzsche guys.

    the eternal earlobe nibble is the gateway to overcoming ourselves.

    thus spach TANathustra

  6. Alex could just be a big cry baby--he's only 23. Yup. I think so. Anyways, he sends me marvellous stories about self-defacation in the gym, and I don't think I'll take this one further.

  7. .. Self defacation, as opposed to, Group Defecation?

    .. Said Will Durant of Nietzsche, "Seldom has a man paid so great a price for genius."

  8. Self-defecators don't need any help. They can poop all by themselves like a big boy.

  9. Re: the silly dress code debate

    I hate it when people speak in codes like "baggy pants" and "hip hop", then act all shocked when you mention race, like, "Not the race card!"

    And they they say shit like "Well, Jason Williams dresses like a thug too, therefore the dress code is not racist." Wigga please.

    But yeah, the important stories are never as sexy or as comfortable as the superficial ones.


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