Thursday, October 27, 2005

Got Some Nerve? ( audio)

So in my profile you'll notice it says "writer/marketing guy/artist," and one of the results of that description is that I'm an excellent pitchman.

When you think of a good pitchman, and I'm talking about in the office not commercials, ideally you want someone who can write well, has a good handle on the brand/marketing agenda, and also has some special flair, a unique compelling artistry when they present.

And in many ways I consider myself a pitchman for hip hop. Hip-Hop's Assimilated Ambassador (H-HAA! - that's a laugh). So when Andrew Krucoff comments that TAN "is doing his best to make sure the future of the Internet isn't 'pretty much made of white people'" he's only half right.

Sure hip hop and race have their correlation. I'm definitely about "black people that like white people and white people that like black people". But I am also a big believer in the connection between hip-hop and rock-and-roll. That common energy. That shared spirit of revolution. That impulse to imagine ...

For me that is hip hop. Or at least that's where I want to help push hip hop's image. As an ambassador. A pitchman. A writer/marketing guy/artist.

So when I translate Gawker to hip hop. That's a big part of the motivation. I want to open a door. I want the opportunity to pitch hip hop. To assimilate that energy. Because, in my opinion, that's something I'm good at.

One of the first times this all coalesced for me was when I decided I wanted to write for Why did I want to write for Nerve? Because here was this edgy, contemporary, well-regarded content provider that marketed themselves as "urban-savvy," yet I was shocked by the lack of hip hop. The lack of melanin.

Urban means big city right? And if you have a big city, you have negroes (amongst others). And if you have negroes, you have hip hop. So let's make the party inclusive. Hip-hop-and-roll baby. The more the fuckin' merrier.

Of course I know Get Rich Or Die Tryin' hip hop makes that a tough proposition. Because, well, no one wants to be "urban" if it means bullet holes in your body.

So TAN makes it easier. You get that good "urban" hip hop, plus no one is gonna get shot. Well at least no one that doesn't deserve it.

So I made a package for Nerve and told them I was down for whatever. Make me an intern (even if I'm a bit overqualified), but let's get some melanin up in there.

And in order to get their attention, which is always the first challenge, I wrote a song, the piece-de-resistance of my pitch package.

The objective was to make it sexy and personal, like Nerve, with a hip hop edge. So I basically went to the editors page, looked at the bios, and let my mind wander over a Primo beat.

The staff has changed some, but the cast of characters at the time included:

Rufus Griscom - CEO aka the guy who "runs sh*t"
Whitney Lawson - photo editor, clips from NY Times and The New Yorker
Sarah Harrison - inspirer of more-than-embarassing thoughts
Ada Calhoun - master of Sanskrit studies
Michael Martin - editor-in-chief, "Left Gear" for Nerve
Tobin Levy - had to leave a spot for her

This was the end result:

Got Some Nerve?

MP3 File

hot-like-fire lyrics

let know that them, sex, and hip-hop make for the perfect menage-a-trois. Oui?

more TAN audio



  1. What's with that first cat - michael. How can he be a new york native, born in kansas? How can you work for such an illlogical publication?

    I'm gonna go listen to the song now...

  2. You don't hear dipthong in many raps! LOL

    This, along with your other music, is very very good. How is it that you aren't famous yet?

    I call "#1 fan"... shotgun baby! Feel free to blow off all the other fans, cause I called it first!

    I need to surf on some coat-tails... get my blog value up to an even 50 grand!

  3. Anonymous10/27/2005

    I thought hip hop was a white thing.

  4. Anonymous10/27/2005

    o mi fuckin god

    this is awesome! I love Nerve. and this song is awesome.

    though I wish the lyrics were on the same page as audio to follow along.

    this is my first time here I'm going to check out your other stuff.

    rock - wait - I mean hip hop on!

  5. judge - thanks for asking. I'll have the oh-so-beautiful PayPal button available for mass amounts of clickage soon. Don't you fret.

    You'll be able to show me the money again and again.

    these web/blog songs won't be on them, but I'll probably offer the mp3's to anyone who gets a CD. and even maybe to those who don't but say they really, really like black people.

  6. Very nice. "Gawk at This" remains my favorite, but this is good stuff.

  7. By the way, Rachael, Michael's bio says he's a New York native raised in Kansas, so he was born in New York and grew up out there.

  8. Anonymous10/27/2005

    pretty damn funny

    pretty damn awesome

  9. damn TAN, I thought your voice would be whiter and whinier. Now I'm scared again.

  10. Anonymous10/27/2005

    Hey TAN, looks like you finally got some Gawker love.

  11. Ass'N, look at that! You finally made it on gawker! I'm so proud.

  12. Anonymous10/27/2005

    when do you work??? im disturbed, yet intrigued

  13. rach-a-el - I refuse to do any blowing. Well, unless they work for Gawker. Or Nerve. ummm .. Or Dodgeball. wel lscratch that, but glad you likey

    judgeg - at the Theater of the Assimilated Negro you'll see a paypal donate button. 5 beans gets you the cd. but, not real beans, you know what I mean? I added one here also, but I'm not going to mention it yet.

    john - thanks

    CR - you should definitely be afraid.

    Larry, Jack - ahhh yes. breakthrough artist of the year. the tears are streaming. I really odn't know what to say. it's been a long winding arduous 45 day journey. do you know, by the way, when the hot girls and blog-checks begin to arrive?

    hypnotic - work? I don't have a 9-5 if that's what you're looking for. (hence the line in the song - "I'm on some freelance ish, measure my cubby in bandwidth". I think if you look at my post times, you'll see that for the most part there are few posts between noon and 5pm. that's when I go out and walk dogs, panhandle, and rob people to make ends meet. my life in general is fairly disturbing, yet intriguing.


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