Friday, October 21, 2005

From The TAN Recipe Book

I was blurfing around and saw a couple spots with recipes posted. I can only link to Orange's sandwiches because I've lost the other spots ... but they're out there.

And since fine dining was in the air, I thought I'd share one from the TAN Playbook.

Guaranteed to satisfy, whether a black-tie soiree with the blogging elite, or an impromptu grub-down with the boys.

TAN's Mac-N-Dogs
(pronounced "TAN smackin' dogs")


1 generic brand box of macaroni and cheese (hold the marketing schlock that tries to convince me processed mac and cheese could be gourmet, or that cheese is "velvetty")

2 Nathan's or Hebrew National hot dogs, Foreman grilled to grease-bubble-bursting skin-splitting perfection

1 knife for cutting hot dogs into bite size chunks. Also can be used to clear room in your arteries.

mix hot dogs with macaroni and cheese. serve hot on fine china.
feeds 2-3 average weight people, one overweight person.



  1. Should it worry my that my mother fed me this exact meal (minus the fine china and Nathan's or Hebrew National dogs plus plastic plates and those delicious unhealthy red hotdogs) for years?

    I liked mine with kool-aid (sugar added, of course)

  2. should you cook the macaroni and cheese first or just mix it with the dogs? or does it really make no difference in taste either way?

  3. When I first started dating my almostex-husband, I made this meal for him once 'cause we were broke. He told me he wanted me to add it to my repertoire of meals I prepared for him on a consistent basis. He loved it that much - and I laughed for like an hour 'cause I thought it was an offensive white trash meal.

  4. tubbs - you should be worried, but not for any of the reasons you mention

    karma - first I recommend eating the fake powder cheese separately. just the powder, or mix it with water and drink it. then make a snack bowl with the hard uncooked noodles. then don't actually eat the hot dogs, just use them as pointers for when you're talking to your friends, while snacking on hard macaronis, and you say something you want to emphasize.

    niki - you laughed for an hour? no wonder he's your almost exhusband. :)

  5. Bananas, cheese and honey on white bread. Its like, FIVE food groups in one meal.

  6. "Drop the hotdogs and mac-n-cheese, or I'll shoot you where you stand!"

    - Sgt. Belcher

  7. thanks for swinging by my blog....yours is great!

  8. Anonymous10/22/2005

    hahaha! hey i coulda used that to watch the ohio state game today!

  9. Anonymous10/22/2005

    that's hubs favorite meal. what is it with you guys?
    im making chili tonight instead, come on over!


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