Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Negro's Worth

ran into this on Technorati.

I'm not exactly sure how the formula works, but you plug in your URL and they calculate your blog's worth according to their, um, calculations.

TAN's blog is worth $149,603.10.
How much is your blog worth?

so with that knowledge I'm going to splurge and get me a Venti TANachino from Starbucks.

what's your blahg worth?

Maybe we can unite all our blogs and close the deficit or something.

Or at least have a crazy party where we get unsober and laugh at all the poor blogless people.

let me know which one we're doing


  1. $25,900-ish. I vote for a crazy party, and I'll bring the body oil.

  2. I think mine's worth no more than .02$. Drinks are on you.

  3. Came across your site, through gaping void comments and other sightings, looking to subscribe, where are you hiding your RSS feed link?

  4. I vote for the unsober crazy party. We can worry about the deficit when we get undrunk.

  5. Okay, mine's worth about $18,000. But then I plugged in my other blog, which gets more traffic, and it is worth...$0. I'm confused...so confused...must get unsober and mock those who have chosen to live blog-free.

  6. Zero.

    At least they're not telling me anything I didn't already know. Otherwise, that might've hurt my feelings.

  7. My combined total (of 3 blogs)is like $500ish. I need the cash so I am looking to sell. Anyone interested in a low traffic starter blog with plenty of self pity built into the foundation?

    But if you are paying for it, then I am partying!

  8. "But if you are paying for it, then I am partying!"

    It's funny, that's what all the women tell me..

    You think it's love?

  9. mine is worth $41,000. I think I'll call the bank tomorrow and get a loan against my blog equity...

    I love math. But I'm pretty impatient with arbitrary numbers. My lbog is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I assure you that amount is zero dollars!

  10. How Much Is My Blog Worth?
    Your blog, www.gorthosia.blogspot.com, is worth $0.00

    ha ha ha ha! I suck!

    maybe if I actually had posted all of my 258 postings from my previous blog I could get a new set of earphones..

  11. yeah I printed out this blog post and took it to the bank, but they still won't give me my damn money.

    I might try the check cashing place next.

  12. can't wait for your take on the Men's Health piece over on GAwker...

  13. Ha, I feel vulgar posting this, but apparently my blog is worth $147,344.94... guess it's time to become a republican.

  14. PLD - I missed it, sorry. looks like it was a fake story though which takes luster off any comments.

    jay - that's definitely vulgar. but can you lend me a few bucks? I'm looking to cop this lexus rx 400.

  15. Anonymous11/18/2005

    I think the only one who knows the worth of their blogs are the blggers themselves. I think it is subjective although the task is being done objectively. Some things in this world are hard to measure. I think blogs are one of them.


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