Monday, October 10, 2005

You Bloggin' For The Love?? Nah, Show Me The Money! (video)

My rant on artists and marketers getting along prompted me to post this video.

As seen in The Village Voice - Best of NYC issue.

This video "Show Me The $" was, at the time of filming (03-04), my little sarcastic jab at underground starving artists who claimed to "do it for the love."

When I hear that I always say,

"Oh, that's cool cause i don't got no money to pay the cover on the door or buy whatever wack ass "for the love" product you're selling. I can give you some love though. *claps and pats person on the back* I can definitely show you some love."

I've dealt with artists of all shapes and sizes, and so often I hear them complain about the state of their industry,

"look at all these fools with no talent making money, and here I am starving and struggling. "

"I make way hotter beats than Kanye. I write way hotter posts than Dooce. I overcome cancer and win tour-de-frances way better than Lance Armstrong"

I don't think enough "artists" are honest about their intentions. They're victims of old-school artist marketing which said that artists were magical beings that shat symphonies and belched out great american novels.

And thus we have a lot of starving artists going around shitting and belching in clubs wondering why people aren't interested in the "product" of their excretory system.

"Yo son, I fart way better than Johnny Knoxville and those guys on jackass ..."

So are you fARTing for the love.... or the money??


T.A.N. -- Hobo/rapper

Conscious -- singing hobo in the intro

everyone else -- everyone else

Directed by -- The Video Autuer: Taylor Pak (Juxtaposition Films)

Other notes:

The TAN-Man did method acting for this piece, growing out the beard to maximize the hobo effect. I also put on some weight and made myself a negro.



  1. I gotta show some love; that was pretty good. I enjoyed that.

  2. Nice - if I had some money, I'd show it to ya! I'm a photographer and I would LOVE to actually make money at it, but I have no delusions of grandeur - I know my shit smells best to me and I am fine with that. I teach art to high schoolers so I CONSTANTLY get to discuss why some stuff sells and some does not. Thanks for the evening entertainment!

  3. Could I stuff a dollar in your cup with one hand and pat your back with the other? Give ya a little love AND money?

    And why aren't you directing music videos for a living, TAN-man? That was awesome.

    And who was the cowboy? I loves me some cowboys....

  4. Was the first guy yelling "BEAN DIP-!" or is my hearing just bad? :)

  5. jack - thanks

    nik - don't you just love the smell of shite ...

    mona - good reminder, I didn't actually direct it. I'll edit the post and add the director's link which I forgot. I jsut sat in the big moviestar trailer and ate bonbons

    PLD, beltane - thanks ...

    pisser - not bean dip. I believe he's saying "ba-by, why did you leave me ..." - but close enough I guess. A wise man once said bean dip and love are not very different.

  6. The head is noddin... and not in that 'the needle is danglin' kind, the yeah rock that shit kind...

    Love it.


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